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An effortless solution to collect bids from suppliers, test the market and purchase with confidence

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Target Power-RFQs

List the items you need, we float them to the matching suppliers automatically

Find the best deals on the market for the high-value items of your RFQs / MTOs and your stock purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pipingonline.com?

Pipingonline.com is a platform where buyers of piping and steel products can get and evaluate bids from suppliers. As bids are collected and tabulated, any subsequent dealing (such as evaluations of bids, negotiations, creation / submission / execution of purchase orders) is out of our scope and happens directly among buyers and suppliers (but we facilitate collaboration with services as audio / video calls, online chat, screen sharing, files exchange and documents co-writing). To access our services, users pay a flat monthly fee after a trial period.

What's the "Suppliers directory" service?

This service helps you search and contact the suppliers that match your requirements exactly. You can filter suppliers by product line, by product type (example API 5L seamless pipes or ASTM A312 stainless steel pipes), by country and by type (mills, stockholders and traders). The directory helps you find the right answer to questions as: who suppliers stainless steel pipes in Qatar? Who stocks nickel-alloy tubing in North America? Which suppliers may I qualify for stud bolts? Are there suppliers nearby the remote project location to save shipping times and cost? Which suppliers could I trust in China? Our database is populated by highly qualified and audited suppliers only. Unlock opportunities: check our directory now!

What's the "RFQs Board" service?

This service is designed to help you collect bids for your RFQs and MTOs easily. All you have to do is upload your Excel / PDF RFQ / MTO in two clicks, decide in which countries the RFQ will be visible, set your company name as public or confidential, indicate the product lines included in your RFQ and post it (all this takes as little as one minute). As you do that, we publish your RFQ on our board which is browsed daily by hundreds of suppliers that can bid online. We tabulate their bids automatically (as they are submitted in a standardized way) to facilitate your evaluation process. You may also use the RFQ board service to manage your approved vendors efficiently: any registered supplier is notified automatically by email anytime you post a new RFQ and can bid online in seconds. You receive clearly tabulated bids and stop wasting time with emails, manual tabulations, missing information and unstandardized bids: take a look at our RFQ board!

What's the "Power-RFQs" service?

This service helps you find stock / fast-track deliveries and save money on the high-value items of your RFQs/MTOs (i.e. in all cases where a deep scan of the market is beneficial). All you have to do is list each of the items you need with our online configurator, float the RFQ and evaluate the bids submitted by suppliers. We need you to configure items online to be able to float each item for bidding in a very targeted way (to any and all the matching suppliers for the item in up to 10 countries) and to assemble very clear technical / commercial bids tabulations at item level for your item-specific evaluations. Power-RFQs help you test the market extensively, evaluate your options clearly and effortlessly and buy critical items with confidence: try our configurator!

Does pipingonline.com sell own products online?

No, we do not publish supplier's catalogs, we do not trade products, we do not carry stock and we do not represent any supplier. Pipingonline.com is a neutral collaboration platform, a software provider, and is not involved in buy / sell transactions. We help buyers find the best suppliers for their purchases: anything after that happens directly between the buyer and the supplier.

How much shall I pay to use pipingonline.com?

You can try our services free for 30 days (with no cancellation fees or obligation and without credit card). At the end of the trial period, you can decide whether to subscribe our paid plan (99$ / month per user flat to access the three services) or abandon the platform. We do not charge sales commissions to buyers and suppliers. We have custom plans for large organizations that require multiple users: check our pricing plans

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