Get the best bids for your RFQs

Float your RFQ and get back beautifully tabulated bids from international suppliers


Get the best bids for your RFQs

Float your RFQ and get back beautifully tabulated bids from international suppliers



Scan global mills and stockholders


Buy the best quality / price products


Automated RFQ float and bids tabulation


How it works


List the items you need, we float the RFQ to the matching suppliers automatically!


Suppliers bid online and we tabulate bids automatically for your evaluations


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What is

Pipingonline is a marketplace for buyers and suppliers of piping and steel products. We do not sell products online, we help buyers find the right suppliers and help suppliers capture business opportunities on a global scale. Buyers and suppliers pay a subscription fee to buy and sell on our platform, after the trial period.

Do you sell products online?

No. We do not show supplier's catalogs on our platform, we do not trade products, we do not carry stock and we do not represent any specific supplier. Buyers create / float RFQs online and get back clearly tabulated suppliers' bids for their evaluation and ordering decisions (or estimates).

Tell me about target users / markets?

Our buyers are EPC contractors, end users, power generators and trading companies; our suppliers are manufacturers and stockists of piping and steel products (and their agents) from the G7 countries mainly. We target the petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, marine and construction industries.

Which products do you cover?

On buyers can get bids for (and buy) pipes, tubes, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, instrumentation, fasteners, joints ("piping") as well as beams, angles, plates, bars ("structural steel") according to most norms, material grades, dimensions and configurations. We have a portfolio of 5 million products.

What's the Excel table I see above?

It is the tool to list all the item you need (the so called "BOQ", i.e. the bill of quantity / bill of materials). The tool helps you configure items accurately and returns a unique item code for any entered product. As items are configured online, our "matching engine" floats them to the most suitable suppliers automatically to collect and tabulate bids for buyer's review.

Can I always find the product I need?

Our configurator maps approx 5 million individual products, considering product lines, types, dimensions, material grades and configurations. We believe to have covered most of the recurring needs for piping and steel products needed to build and / or maintain plants. Non standard products' features (example dimensions and materials) can be entered.

Which suppliers receive my RFQs?

On you can float RFQs to approved vendors only or to any potential suppliers that can match the requirement. Buyer can decide whether to float the RFQ to a restricted or open list of suppliers.

How much does your service cost?

Buyers and suppliers pay a yearly subscription fee to access the service, as the trial period is over; we charge suppliers a 1% commission on the sales closed online. In case a specific buyer on-boards its vendors, such suppliers do not pay fees for the business they do with the buyer itself.

How do you protect my data?

Transactional data are stored on highly secure servers in Zurich Switzerland and are regularly backed up. We rely on military-level data encryption to minimize the risk of unauthorized data interception or access.

Do I need special hardware / software?

No, our application doesn't require special hardware or software, a standard web browser is sufficient (we suggest Google Chrome). The application runs smoothly on desktops but it is not currently optimized for smaller devices as tablets and smartphones (iphones, android phones). We will release a mobile version in 2017.

Can I export RFQs, bids, POs?

Yes, most data and transactions can be exported to Excel. The purchase orders can be exported and uploaded into any ERP system via csv / xml files (or similar protocols). Some minor software development may be necessary to integrate the platform with design tools and ERPs. 

Will you grow the available products?

Yes, we plan to add other product lines to our portfolio, to cover a broader spectrum of project materials (such as pumps, motors, electrical and safety equipment, etc).