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  • Trustable suppliers only
  • 95% piping / steel products covered
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Post your RFQs, get bids

  • Quick RFQ posting
  • Show / hide company name
  • Automated bids tabulation
  • Direct negotiations


Scan the market, find great deals

  • Bid scanner for critical items
  • Automated suppliers' match
  • Bid tabulated at item level
  • Direct negotiations
Create multiple users in your team
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my benefits if I join is a powerful tool to get bids from qualified suppliers of piping and steel products. We offer three different services that you can use in different situations: a powerful "Suppliers directory" (where you can search and contact suppliers matching specific needs), an RFQ board (where you can post quickly your RFQs, attract suppliers and get tabulated bids) and an advanced market scanner to find the best deals in case of urgent deliveries and high-value items (we call it "Power-RFQs"). By using, you can secure supply for most piping and steel products, save costs, find the best deliveries in line with project schedule and leverage automation to simplify your work.

Which type of buyers do you have?

The platform is designed for project buyers working within EPC contractors, End-Users (oil & gas, power generation, ship-building and construction) and trading companies of any size.

Which suppliers are active on

80% of our suppliers are located in the G20 countries (Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Gulf area), 20% are located in low-cost countries. Suppliers are audited and qualified by our sourcing team to operate on We check references, production assets, history, major claims and qualifications.

Do you sell products online?

No. We do not publish supplier's catalogs, we do not trade products, we do not carry stock and we do not represent any supplier. is a neutral collaboration platform, a software provider, and is not involved in buy / sell transactions (that happen directly among buyers and suppliers).

Can I add additional users under my account?

Yes, you can add as many users as needed and adjust user roles (example "requisitioner", "project buyer", "administrator") to implement segregation of duties in bids evaluation (example: you can assign "requisitioner" role to users that should not see bid's prices).

Are my data secure?

We have implemented state-of-the-art measures to keep your data secure. Any communication between your computer and our servers, and between our servers and suppliers, is encrypted with the 256-bit protocol (https). Furthermore, our servers are managed by a bank-level-security provider in Zurich Switzerland and our software is intrinsically secure (as built on an enterprise level architecture).

Which are my obligations if I sign up as buyer?

You have no obligations. You can try the service for 30 days free of charge and, in case you find it interesting, subscribe the monthly (or yearly) paid plan. If you do not subscribe at the end of the trial, there is no obligation whatsoever.

If I decide to subscribe a paid plan, when can I cancel it?

You can cancel your subscription at any time before the end of the month (or the year, if you subscribed a paid plan). We do not apply any cancellation fee and you have no obligation whatsoever. You can keep using our service, as long as you are happy with it!