Pipes are manufactured in different lenghts. Lenght is generally connected with the diameter (the smaller the diameter, the shorter the pipe):

  • SRL (single random lenght): 5-7 meters lenght - generally used for pipes below 2 inches
  • DRL (double randon lenght):11-13 meters per pipe
  • "Cut lenghts" (bars are cut at certain lenghts according to project specification, generally to minimize the welding activities to deploy the pipeline). Cut lenghts are generally more expensive than standard.


Pipes and tubes are produced with different types of ends. The common pipe ends are:

  • Plain ends (PE): ASME ANSI B16.5. PE ends are generally used for smaller diameters and imply the usage of slip-on flanges, and socket weld fittings.
  • Beveled ends (BE): ASME ANSI B16.5. BE ends are the most common type of finish (joints are realized by welding pipes with butt weld fittings and flanges).
  • Threaded ends (TE): ASME B1.20.1 NPT. TE ends require threaded fittings and flanges and are typical for small size pipelines.
  • Threaded and coupled ends (T&C), generally used for gas distribution
  • Grooved ends (example Victaulic pipes)
Plain end pipe PLAIN ENDS
Beveled end pipe BEVELED ENDS
Threaded end pipe THREADED ENDS
Grooved end pipe GROOVED ENDS



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